Tata Motors supply Safari Storme to the Indian Army


Tata Motors has left Mahindra behind and bagged Indian army’s fresh order of SUVs. The Indian Army has chosen Tata’s Safari Storme over Mahindra’s Scorpio after rigorous tests on snow, rugged-terrain and marshy lands. Safari Storme will provide better payload capacity and will be replacing the iconic incumbent, Maruti Gypsy.

Tata Safari

Why is this important

Tata Motors will be supplying 3,192 units of the Storme which have passed the Army’s GS800 (General Service 800) vehicle classification which includes:

  • A hard top vehicle with a minimum 800 kg payload and air-conditioning.
  • Better underbody protection and heavy-duty suspension.
  • 2.2-litre four-cylinder turbocharged diesel motor (154PS/400Nm) with a six-speed manual and a four-wheel drive system with a low range box.
  • Matte green body including the wheels and badging.
  • A jerry can/canister mount on the rear fenders, Rear trailer hook, a bonnet-mounted antenna and special blacked-out lamps on the front and the rear bumpers.

How the stock will be impacted

All the modifications asked by the army have been successfully implemented by Tata Motors and this yet again displays army’s faith in Tata’s vehicular prowess. Since early 2016, the army has already been using Tata’s trucks for transporting army troops and as missile launchpads. With army displaying comfort and belief in Tata’s SUVs, the general public is bound to take a liking to the already growing PV segment of Tata Motors (CMP: Rs. 310, Market Capitalisation: Rs. 89,652 Crores, FY2019 P/E: 6.4)

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